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Skin cleansing is essential in promoting and maintaining a healthy complexion.

What about extractor tools for home use, should you use it?

Blackhead or comedones extractors are very useful tools designed to remove the blockages in the skin that cause blackheads. Without damage.

When used properly you can successfully treat the blackheads without letting them to get bigger.

‼️Important ‼️ these tools are not suitable for acne which is inflammatory skin condition. Acne skin must be treated with different protocol by a professional.

???? How to use the tools to remove blackheads:

✅ Pre-cleanse and cleanse the face, tone.
✅ Using a steamer will help to open the pores. Otherwise you can use a warm towel placed on your face for few seconds.
✅ Place the tool (should be clean and disinfected) over the blackhead and press gently on one side moving the tool across the affected area.
✅ Wipe away the sebum with a tissue.
✅ When finished cleanse the area again.
✅ Wash the tool with warm soapy water and disinfect.

3 different types:
1️⃣ Single hole from one side and oval spatula (spoon) with 15 holes in the other side
2️⃣ Single hole from one side and round spatula (spoon) with 19 holes on the other side
3️⃣ Single hole from one side and Vidal needle on the other side

Oval or round spatulas are good to use around the nose and on the chin if you are suffering from multiple blackheads. Single hole spoon is good for separate and larger blackheads.

For even better result - combine the use of tools with home peels it will drastically improve further appearance of blackheads and comedones.

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