New RAD Shield Mineral Sunscreen

August - mineral sunscreen launch from Environ. What’s the difference?

Did you know that it’s not possible to completely protect your skin from UVA radiation? It can still penetrate through and cause free radicals.

Environ has a solution - they’ve added antioxidants to the sunscreen to help with that.

What’s new in a new RAD Shield mineral sunscreen:
✅ less chemicals
✅ more complete protection

❗️Contains powerful physical sun reflectors: new generation Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
❗️Infrared defence thanks to the ingredient Venuceane
❗️ Antioxidants for free radicals defence
❗️Contains also a moisturiser for a comfort of your skin

And overall it’s just very smooth, non greasy sun protection without any white residue staying on the skin.

Can be used by anyone over 6 months old. Especially recommended to those having problem skin (acne, blemishes etc). Suitable for normal and oily skin.

Reapply frequently when under the sun a lot for a full protection of your skin ❤️

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