Holy Land H2O Magic Moist Hydrating complex 50 ml

Holy Land
Unique gel with deep moisturising effect.

Its active ingredients include moisturizers with different mechanisms of action: analogs of the skin natural moisturizing factor (lactic acid and a complex of essential amino acids), probiotic (lysate of bifidobacteria), hydrolyzed proteins and plant extracts that restore the cell membrane. And due to the extracts of horsetail and ivy, the product also has an excellent drainage effect. The product of choice for skin with the sensation of tightness, itching, discomfort, prone to dryness, dehydration and exfoliation. It also becomes more relevant in the hot season or trips to the seaside, regardless of the season.

Active Ingredients:
Lysate of bifidobacteria, extract of capital rose, plantain seeds, horsetail, ivy, cuff, chamomile, serine, glycine, leucine, proline, glutamine, allantoin, glycyrrhetinic acid, hydrolyzed wheat protein, sodium lactate, lactic acid.

Gel with very fine texture and fast penetration. Apply in an even layer, spread with fingertips. On hot days, it serves as rehabilitation after sun exposure, can replace tonic lotion and / or day cream.

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