Holy Land Age Defense CC Cream with SPF 50 (50 ml) - anti-ageing serum with light flawless coverage

Holy Land
Have you been searching for a perfect foundation? Search no more!

This is one of the best products you can have. Its moisturising properties are keeping your skin hydrated the whole day. The cover is very light and so that you won't have an impression of a "mask" on your face, and also this cc cream evens up face colour so nicely so the skin feels very fresh and rested. And you don't need to apply a lot. Plus UVA and UVB protection (and remember that you are exposed to UVB when working in front of the computer or phone).

And lastly this is a perfect foundation for every day. Just one tip on how to apply it: after applying this cc cream on the face, take a dry large makeup brush and polish the cc cream on your face. The brush with soak in the excess of a product leaving a flawless finish (make up tip from Adele's makeup artist).

  • The AGE DEFENSE CC CREAM is a multi-benefits cream for a natural cover-up effect and long lasting moisture. The formula includes active ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, protect against free radicals damage and increase elasticity.
  • A natural looking color corrective coverage helps conceal skin imperfections to reveal radiant, smooth, flawless skin.
  • The formula includes active ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pretect against free radicals damage and increase elasticity.
  • The cream offers high level protection against UVA and UVB damage for an all-in-one anti-ageing treatment to achieve an even tone and healthy glow.
  • Suitable for fair to darker skin tones. The product adapts to your skin colour refreshing and smoothing the whole complexion.

type of skin: all skin types

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