Professional AHA Skin Peeling Anti-Ageing Treatment Kit Customised According To The Skin Concern (1 Treatment Pack)

Personalised peeling treatment kit is designed to offer you a salon treatment to do at home. Contains everything you need for 1 treatment.
Peels result in better regeneration of the skin cells, improved microcirculation and thanks to that better penetration of nutrients. All peels are followed by the peel with lactic acid which gives visible moisture to the skin, lightening and prevention of pigmentation.

Who is it for:
- dull complexion
- lines and wrinkles
- pigmentation
- sun-damaged skin

Not suitable for:
- sensitive skin
- rosacea
- eczema
- if you have blisters

Available for the skin concerns like ageing, acne and pigmentation.

It would be good to do a course of 4-6 treatments but you'll see the result even after one treatment.

You may experience mild tingling and redness after applying first peel which is normal and goes away. Mild skin flaking is also possible because of the process of skin regeneration and exfoliation. Please don't pick it up. It takes 3-4 days for the skin to go back to normal. Don't forget to use a moisturiser and SPF if you go outside.

The kit contains:
- pre-cleansing oil
- cleanser 5 ml
- first peel 5 ml
- second peel 10 ml
- hydrating oil capsule for massage
- mask 15 ml
- vitamin C cream 10 ml
- disposable brush
- face tissue
- detailed instructions

We will contact you after you place the order to check few details about your skin concerns.

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