Holy Land Acnox Active Treatment Cream 50ml - for the skin with uneven texture, post acne

An active cream that renews the skin texture with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and keratolytic properties. Soothes and normalizes skin color.

A treatment cream developed for acne skin it has a lot of value for post acne, photo damaged skin with uneven texture and large pores

All this thanks to the active ingredients:

Salicylic acid – thorough cleansing

Shikimic acid – excellent exfoliator without causing the irritation, protects the skin against premature ageing, inhibits the development of bacteria responsible for acne lesions

Vitamins, amino acids and zinc – help improving the skin texture

Effects on the skin:
  • Evens out the skin’s texture
  • Removes hyperkeratosis
  • Reduces the size of the pores
  • Reduces mimic wrinkles
  • Lightens post acne pigmentation
  • Reduces oily shine

 How to apply: once a day in the evening followed by usual skin care routine
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